Stand Out 

We’re brothers. We’re Afrikans. We’re Amerikans. Together we’ve created a clothing line that merges innovation with style. We live by an Afrikan perspective, and we’ll use this platform to share it with you.


Notes to self…

Note to Self... 9 February, 2015 Clothing Culture Commentary When I think about Afrikans and what this brand means to me, “be authentic” always comes to my mind. So as I share these “blogs” with you, I just want to warn you, it’s very personal, these are the...

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As a Black American, educated in a westernized American education system I was told one story of Africa, that it was a continent slaves came from.  Slaves that so happened to have black skin like me, and to add to that my entire family as well as my ancestors were...

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It's the worst thing to be.  No one asks for it, whether it's undeserved or a one wants that fate. There are thousands and maybe millions currently roaming borders (real & imagined) all over the world.   Ethiopian refugees stuck in limbo. 2015...

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