Stand Out 

We’re brothers. We’re Afrikans. We’re Amerikans. Together we’ve created a clothing line that merges innovation with style. We live by an Afrikan perspective, and we’ll use this platform to share it with you.


Less talk about race baby…

08 January, 2017 Clothing Culture Commentary Less talk about race baby, let's talk about you and me, let's talk about all the good things and the bad things that may be, less talk about race. Seriously, it's a growing theme nowadays and that's a huge understatement....

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…Till Death Do Us Part.

The week leading up to Christmas was spent cooking, eating, watching football, reminiscing over old pictures (actual pictures not jpegs) all over good home cooking.  All vegan and 95% raw.  I was shitting twice a felt great.  No really it did.  I may even...

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Faith is what you make it

Faith is what you make it. "Faith is what you make it. Faith is what You make it. Faith, IT'S what you make it." That phrase is a cliche’ I’ve heard over and over these past 9 years, actually, I’ve heard it my entire life, but up until I was 23, that phrase was just...

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