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Connecting the dots…

...who are you, what defines you  19 October, 2016 Clothing Culture Commentary I’m going to attempt to tell a story of a young man searching for solid footing in the world while also restlessly chasing a fluid vision of a future that remains TBD. We are all products...

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Stereotypes I guess I knew what stereotypes were before I knew what the word meant.  See the thing about stereotypes is that we all fit some and they do have their uses but defying them should be the best thing about stereotypes. Obviously this blog only speaks to my...

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AmeriKan AfriKan.

No two people can claim the exact same experience or perspective while growing up, thus we are all equipped with a unique point of view. Humans love to share (this is a #fact) hence a well crafted summary of my blog post should go here!

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